Openfire 4.2.3发布,即时消息传输平台

作者: baihuo 2018-03-25 08:25:15
Openfire 4.2.3 已发布,Openfire 是实时的基于 WEB 的即时消息传输平台。

Bug 修复

Client certificate authentication with BOSH not working in Openfire 4.0.x

SANCertificateIdentityMapping - Unable to parse a byte array (of length 42) as a subjectAltName 'otherName'. It is ignored.

Can't update plugins via Admin Console

NPE during bind (connection already null)

Monitoring plugin: MAM query response for MUC should have a 'from'

Monitoring plugin: ClassNotFound at startup

SAN 'xmppAddr' OIDs are not properly encoded in generated certificates.

CallbackOnOffline plugin is using wrong version number scheme

TLS cert admin console page throws Exception

Stream Management increments should be atomic

Stored XSS in Property Name in Security Audit Viewer


Update HTTP File Upload Plugin's component implementation.

Allow admins to retrieve a PEM representation of installed certificates

Use 'most appropriate' certificate when multiple are available.

Handling of S2S stream errors.

Add a section about firewall into Installation guide