Fastlane 2.88.0发布,iOS和安卓自动构建工具

作者: baihuo 2018-03-28 08:19:38
Fastlane 是一个针对于 iOS 和 Android 全方位自动化流程的工具。利用目前支持的工具可以做所有包含自动化和可持续化构建的每个环节,比如单元测试、截图、分发渠道、上传元数据和 ipa 包提交审核等等。

Fastlane 2.88.0 已发布,更新内容包括:

[action] Fix crashlytics to not autoload gsp_path if api_token is set

Improve error message when specified scheme is not found

[action] Support checking remote git tags existence

Use Android environment to find adb (don't just rely on it being in PATH)

[snapshot] Make sure matched window has a non-empty frame

[swift] Fixes string return value and shows all lanes (even without description)

[scan] Default skip_build to true in Scanfile template